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While HiTMAN: 2D is in development you can download the latest beta release, but be warned: most of the work is currently being done on internal components, so gameplay and graphics do not represent the final quality.

release build 2.1.0
[ under construction ]

release build 2.0.3
[ last release ]

release build 2.0.2
release build 2.0.1
release build 2.0.0
release build 1.0.0

tech tests

static shadow/collision/shader test
dynamic shadow test
shader version

source code

HiTMAN: 2D 2.1
[ work in progress ]

HiTMAN: 2D 2.0.x
HiTMAN: 2D 1.x

HiTMAN: 2D source code is also posted on

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