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This website contains news, background information, and downloads for the HiTMAN: 2D project.


[ February 09, 11 ]

The custom shader system I wrote works, and performs well enough for the time being. I also had to write my own primitive batching system and my own text drawing code, in place of D3DXSprite and D3DXFont. That was a huge pain in the neck to figure out, but now I have high quality font rendering that I can customize any way I want.

My immediate todo list includes finishing a listbox control, bringing up to date the New Game dialog box, and creating Save Game and Load Game dialogs using this new control. After that, refactoring level rendering and loading, and getting multiple camera system to work.

[ November 15, 09 ]

I started learning how to play guitar with help of one of my friends because I wanted to do that for a long time.

I got a little recording studio setup with a lead/rhythm guitar, bass guitar, two amps, some stomp boxes and a mixer/recorder, so I will start writing my own music (as well as do some music work for hitman 2d).

[ May 23, 09 ]

Behold the annual update!

I took a four-month break starting on January 09 to make a web comic. Right now I am back to working on the game. The progress is slow as usual because I have a life. I am currently focusing on getting a new version of the engine up and running, as well as winding down on making sprite graphics and starting to work on tile graphics. The temporary player sprite remains unfinished so far...

[ May 11, 08 ]

Of course I am still working on HiTMAN: 2D, why would anyone think otherwise? Over the past three months it's mostly been texture work, but I am also working on the map editor.

Editor will be in-game, so first I need to develop more GUI components. Scrollbar is mostly done and I am starting to work on listbox. After that, probably combo box and text box. Maybe also a slider control for stuff like volume (could add that as an option to scrollbar control).

In other news - a newer build of Garry Newman's FaceWound is out! FaceWound is an arcade styled 2D sidescroller with shader effects, 32-bit graphics, ragdoll and rigid body physics (with bullet time) and much more.

[ March 07, 08 ]

My classes at ITT Technical Institute are finally over and I am graduating with a 2-year degree in Multimedia. (see my final project for 3D Animation II).

Hopefully I will have time to work on hitman2d during Spring and Summer. Right now I am doing some texture work (added 56 new textures). I am also reading a book on DirectX shaders and another one on game AI.

[ January 24, 08 ]

Mr Montmorency, my friend from OMGWTF Forums, is working on "Ashes to Ashes", a mod for a 2D game called Cave Story.

You can visit the game's website to find out more, or visit the forums for screenshots and discussion.

[ December 31, 07 ]

You may have already guessed that I couldn't make the release deadline. Regardless, setting a deadline helped me focus on a narrow range of tasks which resulted in a good deal of progress. It also completely burned me out, which turned out to be the single biggest reason why I couldn't make the deadline. I would set the next deadline to January 31st, but I have no idea if I will made that one. I think I will just take it easy and continue working.

[ December 27, 07 ]

I highly doubt I will have enough time to finish December 31st demo. Only 4 days left (at most 2 days of working on hitman 2d).

I managed to get the basic shadow maps working, the last step is to use shadow map double-buffering (one buffer for static shadows and one buffer for dynamic shadows). This is because pixel shaders cannot write to the same surface they are reading from. This is a little scary, because doing motion blur requires the same thing. This means I will need at least 4 huge textures just to render a simple scene (frame rate will drop).

[ December 24, 07 ]

With only 7 days left before the deadline (2-3 actual days of work), it's starting to look like I am not going to make it.

Slicing up shadowmaps into pieces and and copying them into the master shadowmap took 7 days (3 days of work), instead of projected 1 day. I have yet to integrate dynamic shadows into the equation - and I didn't even start working on the demo level, or the graphics for the demo level. Player model graphics are not yet complete either.

It looks like I will end up drawing shadowmaps in Photoshop instead of rendering them from a 3D package, and same with dynamic shadows.

[ December 20, 07 ]

So far I seem to be on track for December 31st demo, but it's going to be a tight fit. Collision detection is working, dynamic shadows and static shadows are working, shaders are working. The largest thing left to do is combining dynamic and static shadows in one shader, and then doing graphic design.

Static shadow/collision/shader test, and dynamic shadow test:

Download Static Shadow Test
Download Dynamic Shadow Test

You may have to download D3DX DLL in order to test these out.

[ November 24, 07 ]

I am Working to release a demo on December 31st. The screen above was quickly put together to show you what is coming. I don't yet have a hitman player sprite, so I will use a temporary player sprite.

I Apologize for not posting too many updates. I have been working really hard on textures for HiTMAN: 2D (close to 700 made so far). During this summer I finished fixing all the errors that resulted from the last code refactoring. I spent most of the fall slowly bringing different components back to life, and I am still doing some of that. I will also be doing small optimizations to the engine and re-implementing engine-side and client-side collision detection, so you can walk around in the demo. Lots of other small things need to be done before the demo is out. It's crunch time, or I will miss the deadline!

[ June 17, 07 ]

Uploaded old hitman2d binaries (see download page). Working on new website design. Also, of course, working on hitman2d.

[ September 12, 06 ]

Website is complete for the time being. Verified with Firefox, Opera and IE. On Firefox, page does not center vertically and the first heading on each page has too much white space at the top.

[ September 09, 06 ]

Major overhaul of the game's engine structure. The original reason for the overhaul was to eliminate the dependency on mfc42.dll (because it's a huge dll and takes time to load) and to convert the project to Visual Studio 8. However, I ended up overhauling and refactoring just about everything. It's good for the engine but bad for hitman2d because it will take enormous amount of time to put everything back together.

[ August 03, 06 ]

I aborted the graphics structure overhaul because it would cause the project to go too far out of the schedule. Instead, I spent time working on the old bugs, and I fixed almost all of them. The game runs beautifully - I still need to implement pixel-perfect collision detection, but after that I will start working on the next demo. Yes, the next demo!

The floating point round off problem has been fixed by deferment. As long as you only specify perfect coordinates, all should be smooth. By perfect, I mean tile size should be multiplied by them without loss in data.

[ July 30, 06]

I am overhauling the graphics, for the last time hopefully. Previously the game used only ID3DXSprites to render objects on screen. Now it will use vertex buffers and triangle strips, which is good on the long run because it will make the engine more easily expandable. This will allow for easier environment mapping, normal mapping, shadow mapping, light mapping, and anything else that can benefit from multiple texture blending modes, as well as vertex/pixel shaders and so on.

I have one horrible new problem, however: floating point round off. Coordinates in ThunderStorm are specified as floating-point values, and before rendering they must be transformed from world coordinates to screen coordinates, and then converted to pixels. The round-off errors cause sprites to "vibrate" when the camera moves across the map.

[ May 24, 06 ]

Sound works, Music works (music doesn't always loop though). Implemented Sound Volume, Music Volume, Speach Volume, Effects Volume and Master Volume (Master volume uses waveOutSetVolume, so it's not doing well with Windows.. may change it later). Created a special blocked file format like XML for storing text-data of most ThunderStorm formats - textures, animations, models. Screens will be loaded from this format as well (currently working on string classkeys for dynamic screen creation from user classes). Planning to start work on New game and Options dialogs.

[ May 05, 06 ]

I finally solved most of the below-mentioned problems. Now, I need to get music to work properly (sound already works 99%!) The next step would be loading game interface dynamically from data files instead of creating them by code. Then I will start debugging the map renderer.

I have also greatly increased the flexibility of the loading code - the .thg format (game info file) now supports comments and can be easily used for creating mods to the game (so yes, it will be fully modable when it comes out).

All of the game settings will be loaded from the profile specified in the .thg for the game, and game start behavior will be dependent upon the contents of the .cfg script also specified in the .thg.

[ Apr 29, 06 ]

I've been thinking about some of the problems I am still unable to solve, even during the break. I'm working on them now... Still no luck.

[ Apr 15, 06 ]

I'm taking a break from working on this project, but fear not, it will not be discontinued.

[ Mar 25, 06 ]

Our story team is currently assembled and working on the game story (still in the initial stage). I am working on ThunderStorm 2.0, the new version of the game engine. It will now require DirectX9 (you can get that from Microsoft's website), and hopefully all the performance improvements I sneaked in while converting it are going to pay off.

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